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Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King: Season 1 Episode 7

Please Join Our Hands With the Holy Words

Izuki transformed into a red stone upon his death, something that happens to all Heroic Vessels, which Chihiro gives to Kurome. Dux speaks with Shōko, telling her that Chaos makes the Heroic Blood fight each other in hopes they destroy each other. Shōko is frightened as the end of the Heroic Blood means the end of the world and she states they must destroy Tokyo soon. Dux smiles as she adds only one of the Heroic Blood can survive – they will become the new Lord of Vermilion. Shōko smiles at the knowledge, declaring she will become the foundation of the new world. Jun is depressed after the death of Inuki, thinking that Chihiro has enough power to become the Lord of Vermilion. Van Drail is pleased one of the Heroic Blood is finally gone and Grumman says the day of the Second Great Collapse is near, which would have to be paid with even more human lives. Jun says the focus should be the other Heroic Bloods, since they’ll interfere, and he’ll start with Chihiro, who took his brother from him. He intends to inflict the same suffering on him. Yuri finds a despondent Chihiro at his childhood home and two sit next to each other. She tells him Chihiro’s mother and Yuri’s father worked together, and Yuri and Chihiro were there during the explosion 13 years ago. Chirhio’s mother was swallowed by another world when the experiment failed, and Yuri’s father started using Tokyo to open gates as she and Chihiro became distant. When Chihiro dozes off he dreams of Kotetsu dying, which he refuses to allow and runs to find him. However, Kotetsu’s room is empty. He is on a date with Tsubaki. Jun and Haru follow on their motorcycles. Unable to find Kotetsu, Chihiro confides the dreams to Yuri. He finds Koetetsu at last. Jun is frustrated by his arrival, having wanted to take his time with Kotetsu, but cannot wait any longer. He tells Haru to handle Tsubaki and kidnaps Kotetsu. Chihiro chases him. Chihiro catches up to find Kotetsu hanging upside-down from the tree, like he saw him in the dream. Jun starts to cut into him with his armament’s claws, the number overwhelming Chihhiro when he tries to fight back. Jun tells him to hold still or he’ll piece Kotetsu’s heart, continuing to cut. Yuri helps Chihiro, standing against Jun. A frustrated Jun is forced to flee but returns in time to save Haru from being killed by Tsubaki. Yuri cannot return to AVAL now and Chihiro asks if she’ll come with him.

Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King: 1×7
Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King: 1×7
Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King: 1×7
Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King: 1×7
Aug. 25, 2018

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